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Zone 13: ‘Compendium’, with Chris Scullion.

We previously spoke on an episode of Outpost Show last year in May, and since then he’s seen his daughter come into the world, move house, revamp his ‘Tired Old Hack‘ site, and complete his first book, the ‘NES Encyclopedia‘ guide which comes out on the 30th March.

We go into his process with the book, alongside our thoughts on Google Stadia, how likely a release of ‘Rare Replay‘ could be on Switch and using Twitter to share your content, alongside much, much more.

Chris’ ‘NES Encyclopedia’ Book on Amazon.

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Chris’ post all about the book.

Chris’ ‘Pokémon in Scotland’ Video.

Chris’ ‘Complete History of Street Fighter’ Post.

Cuphead on Switch Trailer.

Google Stadia Announcement.

Zone 13: ‘Compendium’, with Chris Scullion.

1.17: ‘Whisky’, with Matt Gemmell.

A very fun episode, where we talked about having to use our MacBooks for tasks that’s unavailable for the iPad for now, alongside how Matt is creating his second book TOLL, entirely from his iPad Pro. We also talked about his dog Whisky, a Leonard Nimoy story, followed by all the Nintendo Switch talk.


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‘Making Changes’ – mattgemmell.com

Leonard Nimoy

8BitDo Controller

Octopath Traveller on Amazon

Crash N. Sane Trilogy on Amazon

The Outpost Show
The Outpost Show
1.17: 'Whisky', with Matt Gemmell.

1.9: ‘A GCSE in Maths’, a Solo Episode.

Now that Apple’s Education Event has finished, I give my thoughts to the few announcements made, alongside what could be coming up until WWDC.

As a bonus, I briefly talk about a game I’ve finally bought for the Switch.

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The Outpost Show
The Outpost Show
1.9: 'A GCSE in Maths', a Solo Episode.