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1.27: ‘The Shortcuts Show’, with Matthew Cassinelli.

Siri Shortcuts¬†had its beginnings as ‘Workflow‘, before being acquired by Apple last year in March. It lets you create workflows by commands and different apps, and you can also activate them from Siri itself. Up until its release, I wasn’t convinced. After its release, I was, and I’ve been wanting to learn more about it ever since.

Which is why this week I’m joined by an ex-Workflow member and now freelancer, Matt Cassinelli, where we talk about how Siri Shortcuts fits on his iPad, our wishes for Version 3.0,¬†alongside him trying to convince me to pre-order an iPhone XR.

He also completely destroys a feature that has been a staple of the show for the last few months!

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Siri Shortcuts on the HomePod – iMore.

Matt’s post on his iPad Pro.

The iPad Stand for our Desks.

Matt’s archived Workflow Guide.

The Outpost Show
The Outpost Show
1.27: 'The Shortcuts Show', with Matthew Cassinelli.

1.26: ‘Spice World’, with Carrie Marshall.

Nothing breaks the ice better than the Spice Girls.

Carrie has been a freelance writer for the last twenty years, where her first byline was .net in 1998, and since its gone to magazines, sites, and has even written a book. She is also a regular host on a variety of shows on BBC Radio Scotland as the ‘tech guru’.

This was recorded at the end of August, and so we talk about my first steps into my now-current freelance career, where Carrie gives her stories about taking her steps into the field twenty years ago, with a lot of great advice given.

We also go into our thoughts about the Apple of 2018, alongside iOS 12 and much more.

But first of all, a quick update on things since this episode was recorded, and a thank you.

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Spice World: The Movie.

When I did a marathon for charity that involved Spice World: The Game.

Calling time on Apple Watch – Carrie.

The Outpost Show
The Outpost Show
1.26: 'Spice World', with Carrie Marshall.