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1.26: ‘Spice World’, with Carrie Marshall.

Nothing breaks the ice better than the Spice Girls.

Carrie has been a freelance writer for the last twenty years, where her first byline was .net in 1998, and since its gone to magazines, sites, and has even written a book. She is also a regular host on a variety of shows on BBC Radio Scotland as the ‘tech guru’.

This was recorded at the end of August, and so we talk about my first steps into my now-current freelance career, where Carrie gives her stories about taking her steps into the field twenty years ago, with a lot of great advice given.

We also go into our thoughts about the Apple of 2018, alongside iOS 12 and much more.

But first of all, a quick update on things since this episode was recorded, and a thank you.

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Spice World: The Movie.

When I did a marathon for charity that involved Spice World: The Game.

Calling time on Apple Watch – Carrie.

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1.26: 'Spice World', with Carrie Marshall.