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Zone 11: ‘Tappy Toyts’, with Kieran McClung.

A different one this time, due to the fact we’ve known each other since College twelve years ago, have lived together, and I also attended his wedding last year.

A talented graphic & web designer and emerging writer for his recent work on Next Gen Base, alongside creating a couple of games along the way. One in particular called ‘Tappy Toyts‘, where we go into detail about his history with this, alongside everything else.

The schedule of these posts sometimes have some incredible timing, and more-so here because his daughter was born last Saturday!

Named Lilah, weighing a healthy 7.4lbs. Definitely not the ‘Future King’ we talked about towards the end of this episode as you’ll soon discover.

Be sure to send him some congratulations!

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Zone 11: ‘Tappy Toyts’, with Kieran McClung.