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1.31: ‘Get this Party Started’, with Christopher Phin.

Chris is a writer who started at MacUser in 2002, working his way to the top to MacFormat Magazine, and is currently the Head Editor of The Scottish Wedding Directory.

We go into many topics, from mental health, to writing, freelancing, and Apple itself, alongside his change from being an Editor of a tech-focused magazine, to a wedding one.

I also get into the reasons of why I moved to Manchester, why and how the freelancing happened, and Chris listens to it all.

We do talk about iPads eventually, promise.

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Chris’ shout-out at the March 2016 Apple Event. (52:18)

Sam Greer’s Eurogamer piece on queer inclusiveness in the gaming industry.

Episode #26 with Carrie.

iA Writer.

Episode #23 with Natasha.

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The Outpost Show
1.31: ‘Get this Party Started’, with Christopher Phin.