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1.13: ‘ The Multi-iPad Lifestyle’, with Tim Chaten.

This week I’m joined by Tim Chaten, host of iPadPros and Club Nintendo.

He’s a guest who uses more than one iPad thought his day, which made us think about how iOS 12 could cater for this in a much more, powerful way.

We then finish the episode with a great chat about the Nintendo Switch, and what we’d like to see for its second year.

Tim on Twitter.

Tim on YouTube.

iPad Pros Podcast.

Club Nintendo Podcast.

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Nintendo Switch Online.

The Outpost Show
The Outpost Show
1.13: ' The Multi-iPad Lifestyle', with Tim Chaten.

1.12: ‘A Floorless Flat’, with Chris Scullion.

Taking a break from the main topic of iPad this week, with a focus on the other passion: Games.

And who better than Chris Scullion.

A Games Journalist who, from 2006, went from Official Nintendo Magazine, to CVG, to his own site, ‘Tired Old Hack’.

He’s in the midsts of finishing his ‘Secret Project’, while also going full speed ahead on his site and podcast series.

Chris on Twitter.

Tired Old Hack.

Tired Old Hack on Apple Podcasts.

Tired Old Hack on YouTube.

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Nintendo Switch Online.

SNES Mini.

The Complete History of Bomberman on Tired Old Hack.

‘Star Wars Rogue Squadron’ now playable.

Chris reviews ‘Jotun’ on Nintendo Life.

The Outpost Show
The Outpost Show
1.12: 'A Floorless Flat', with Chris Scullion.