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Zone 2: ‘Pringles’, with Victoria Pheasey.

We start the series properly with someone I met through Tomb Raider!

We chat for the first twenty minutes about how we met, and our experiences with writing in general. It culminates in what Vic’s favourite game and boss stage is, alongside some thoughts on where a certain franchise could head into.

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Her great post based off our chat in this episode.

Final Zone on iTunes.

Nathan McCree’s ‘Tomb Raider Suite’.

PlayStation Classic on Amazon.

Peter Connelly’s Tomb Raider ‘Dark Angel’ Symphony.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Amazon.

In Episode 2F09…

Zone 2: ‘Pringles’, with Victoria Pheasey.

1.17: ‘Whisky’, with Matt Gemmell.

A very fun episode, where we talked about having to use our MacBooks for tasks that’s unavailable for the iPad for now, alongside how Matt is creating his second book TOLL, entirely from his iPad Pro. We also talked about his dog Whisky, a Leonard Nimoy story, followed by all the Nintendo Switch talk.


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‘Making Changes’ – mattgemmell.com

Leonard Nimoy

8BitDo Controller

Octopath Traveller on Amazon

Crash N. Sane Trilogy on Amazon

The Outpost Show
The Outpost Show
1.17: 'Whisky', with Matt Gemmell.