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1.41: ‘Codename K48’, with Greg Morris.

Greg joins the show for the third time, where we talk about his experiences with his new 12.9″ iPad Pro these last couple of months, alongside looking to where the device can fit into a ‘Marzipan‘ world.

It’s always a good chat when Greg is around, and the same occurs here, where we talk about some great points we’d like to see from iOS for iPad, from the minimal to the glaringly obvious.

And just what does ‘A refreshed home screen‘ mean? We try to decipher it.

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WWDC 2019 announced.

Greg’s first appearance on the show.

Greg’s second appearance on the show.

‘AirBuddy’ by Guilherme Rambo.

The Outpost Show
The Outpost Show
1.41: ‘Codename K48’, with Greg Morris.