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Zone 14: ‘Great King of Evil’, with Matt Gemmell.

Another returnee appears on the show, previously appearing on #17 of Outpost Show.

A talented writer and novelist, with his latest novel in his ‘KESTREL‘ series; ‘TOLL‘, being released last December with book 3 already in the works.

We talk about our love of the Nintendo Switch and where it could go for future versions. I also ask Matt what games he would like to see ported to the system, alongside deciding on a future Twitter bio for his profile.

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New Switch on the Horizon? – Eurogamer

Eternal Darkness.

Link Between Worlds on Amazon.

Ocarina of Time in Unreal Engine 4.

Zone 14: 'Great King of Evil', with Matt Gemmell.

1.17: ‘Whisky’, with Matt Gemmell.

A very fun episode, where we talked about having to use our MacBooks for tasks that’s unavailable for the iPad for now, alongside how Matt is creating his second book TOLL, entirely from his iPad Pro. We also talked about his dog Whisky, a Leonard Nimoy story, followed by all the Nintendo Switch talk.


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‘Making Changes’ – mattgemmell.com

Leonard Nimoy

8BitDo Controller

Octopath Traveller on Amazon

Crash N. Sane Trilogy on Amazon

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The Outpost Show
1.17: 'Whisky', with Matt Gemmell.