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Zone 15: ‘Shuriken’ with Vic Hood.

Now that EGX Rezzed 2019 is over, it’s time for a chat with the ‘Possum Leader‘, the constant rising star of Games Journalism in the UK, and someone who’s always been willing to listen for when times have been challenging to many of us freelance writers.

Moving to London from Ireland just a few short years ago, Vic has completely gone for it, rising to the challenge and securing a job as the resident Games Writer for Tech Radar. We talk all about her story up until now, alongside thoughts on remote working and mental health.

(To note, there’s some talk of me going to EGX Rezzed in this episode, but a broken ankle stopped me from going a week after this recording. Next year it is!)

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Star Wars Obi-Wan on Xbox.

Vic’s great post about Depression from 2016.

Picture of her successful ‘Recharge at EGX’ meetup!

Zone 15: ‘Shuriken’ with Vic Hood.

1.23: ‘An Unexpected Topic’, with Natasha Radmehr.

Natasha is the Editor of the Scottish Wedding Directory, a quarterly magazine that goes all into giving future brides and grooms ideas towards their own wedding around Scotland.

We talked about her history with Journalism, alongside lots of wedding talk and what iPad she owns.

We also had a chat about how she is getting on with using a Pixel 2 after a week of owning one, along with us talking all about one of our favourite games.

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Natasha is a Judge at the Bridal Buyer Awards on 10th September.

Crash N-Trance Trilogy on Amazon.

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The Outpost Show
1.23: 'An Unexpected Topic', with Natasha Radmehr.