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Zone 7: ‘An Awakening’, with Matt Birchler.


This week a Nintendo Direct was announced and shown, and it wasn’t until the end that a remake of Link’s Awakening was announced for the Nintendo Switch. With that, Matt joins me to also gush over the original on the Game Boy, alongside discussing remakes and nostalgia in general. We also manage to talk about Matt’s two choices, alongside what could have been for certain games.

We also talk briefly about a certain Shadow Moses game, where Matt gives an opinion that leaves me surprised!

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BirchTree: Going Old School in 2019.

‘Thank God it’s not on 3DS’

Link’s Awakening Trailer.

Link’s Awakening DX on Nintendo 2DS/3DS.

RE 4 Speedrun.

Ura Zelda.

Gamecube Controller for Switch on Amazon.

OOT Speedrun.

A scene from ‘Twin Snakes’.

Zone 7: 'An Awakening', with Matt Birchler.

1.38: ‘Sharing Your Passions’, with Lee Peterson.

After a few false starts in Skype, we had a great chat about Lee’s history with his iPad, and how he tries to fit it into his workflow with his day-job.

We also talk about podcasting and networking through social networks, and if there’s restricted social circles in some areas that few have access to.

He also asks for help for a new controller for his Switch, alongside me recommending a certain game I’ve been waiting a while for.

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Lee’s appearance on BYOD Podcast.

A USB-C, SD Card Reader for iPad.

iOS Dark Mode? – Bloomberg.

Smash Bros Ultimate on Amazon.

Onimusha on Switch.

8Bitdo SF30 Pro Controller.

Gamecube Controller for Switch.

The Outpost Show
The Outpost Show
1.38: ‘Sharing Your Passions’, with Lee Peterson.

1.7: ‘A Year On with Switch’, with Jack Longman.

A break in the usual programming of The Outpost Show this week.

On the 3rd March, it marked a year since the Nintendo Switch launched.

I talk to one of the Editors of Miketendo64, Jack Longman on its first year of release.

We speak about our history with Nintendo, the games we’d like to see ported over to the Switch, and how they seem to make bizarre missteps every so often, along with what we’d like to see in its Online Service later this year.

The Outpost Show
The Outpost Show
1.7: 'A Year On with Switch', with Jack Longman.