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1.43: ‘The Looking Glass’, with Richard Devine.

To finish off this season, Richard Devine, Editor of Windows Central and contributor to the Mobile Nations family joins me to talk about his history with the company and writing in general.

We also talk about his history with the iPad, and why he’s bought the new iPad Mini which was recently announced.

To note, we recorded this on the day the AirPods were announced. Or, more accurately, a half hour after. So we talk about AirPower, alongside our thoughts on the now-gone media event.

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Future buys Mobile Nations.

Rene Ritchie’s Outpost episode last year.

New AirPods.

New iPad Mini.

The announcement of the first 12.9″ iPad Pro in 2015.

A Drone on Amazon.

Apple’s Media Event.

The Outpost Show will return!

The Outpost Show
The Outpost Show
1.43: 'The Looking Glass', with Richard Devine.