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1.21: ‘A Branch of a BirchTree’, with Matt Birchler.

I first met Matt through him appearing on the ‘Bring Your Own Device‘ podcast last year, and since then we started talking about Apple Watch, and inevitably the iPad.

He’s been writing and podcasting for a few years now from his BirchTree site, but only in the last 18 months his great work is just starting to be recognised by others. His watchOS 5 mockups in January for example.

In this hour we talk about his workflow, why he decided to set up a Patreon, and what he wants to see on the iPad in the near future.

He also asks me the £364 million pound question towards the end: Will I be upgrading to a new iPad Pro if Apple announce one soon?

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The Outpost Show
1.21: ‘A Branch of a BirchTree’, with Matt Birchler.