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1.37: ‘Making a Dent’, with Andy Nicholaides.

Andy is someone I met through Twitter last June, where he was asking me about a keyboard. Since then, I’ve seen him launch ‘The Dent‘, and the podcast alongside the site of the same name. There, he focuses on topics that involve Apple, and his workflow with his iPad.

Of course, after his appearance in the iPad Special episode in October, it was only a matter of time before he appeared in his own episode.

We talk all about his workflow and history of the iPad, alongside that now-famous question: Who does he want to see in Smash Bros Ultimate?

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Andy’s iPad Pro Review.

Andy’s appearance on Greg’s ‘And You Are?’ Podcast.

Andy’s Super Smash Bros choices for future fighters..

  1. Earthworm Jim
  2. Sephiroth from FFVII
  3. James Pond
  4. Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat
  5. Guile from Street Fighter
The Outpost Show
The Outpost Show
1.37: ‘Making a Dent’, with Andy Nicholaides.