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1.28: ‘VeeLog’, with Myke Hurley.

*This was recorded an hour before the upcoming iPad Event was announced, so due to some topics spoken of, it’s been brought forward!*

A co-founder of RelayFM, the name may ring a bell if you listen to Connected, Pen Addict, Upgrade, Analogue, and many more podcasts that he is a part of.

He decided to go for it in 2014 with his friend Stephen Hackett, and since then RelayFM has flourished into a ‘go-to’ place of podcasts and their wide assortment of topics.

Here, we speak about how both his iPads fit into his workflow, especially when travelling, alongside what he wants to see in the (now confirmed) upcoming event for a new iPad.

From how the podcasts are edited to even Myke giving me the great news that a favourite game of mine has only just been released onto the Switch, we have a fun hour going through so many topics.

Regarding the title, listen straight to the end and you will discover just how ‘hip‘ and ‘with it‘ I am when I ask about his videos on YouTube.

Just a few of the podcasts that Myke hosts:

  1. Connected
  2. Upgrade
  3. Analogue
  4. Pen Addict

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Connected Meet-up in London in June 2016. 

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Myke’s ‘Make a Podcast’ Speech. (7:45 mark)

The Outpost Show
The Outpost Show
1.28: ‘VeeLog’, with Myke Hurley.