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1.32: ‘You’re Pretty Good’, with Zac Cichy.

This was fun.

It starts with me pronouncing Zac’s surname wrong, and it gets better from there!

Zac is a co-host of The Menu Bar, a podcast where he talks with Andrew Clark and the occasional guest about technology and anything else each episode. It’s become yet another series that I look forward to seeing on my podcast feed.

We go from my saga with ordering my iPad, and what Zac has ordered, to AirPower and my idea for where it can go, alongside USB-C, Twitter, and finally games, where we talk about a favourite game (and series) of ours.

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The Waiting Game..

The latest USB-C Hub I’ve found that might be the one so far.

USB Mug Warmer.

USB Fan.


The Menu Bar 22: The Turok Tales.

‘You’re pretty good’.

The Outpost Show
The Outpost Show
1.32: ‘You're Pretty Good’, with Zac Cichy.