Zone 9: ‘DDR Dance Mats’, with Alonzorion.

Alonzorion is a YouTuber who I found while I was procrastinating from finishing an assignment at University back in 2013.

A fantastic individual with a great drive for this, he’s been on the site for nearly a decade, always putting on a good show for his subscribers and making sure to reply to every comment he receives on his videos.

Since 2013, I’ve been subscribed to him watching his subsequent Tomb Raider and Resident Evil playthroughs and many more. It culminated into him hosting a live stream late last year of controlling Tomb Raider II with a dance mat, raising over $1000 for the charity ‘Extra Life’.

Here, we talk about his history with the channel, his process in making a ‘Lets Play‘ series, alongside the choices of his favourite game and boss.

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His Extra Life Charity Runs.

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His ‘TR II on a Dance Mat’ Playthrough.

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Zone 9: 'DDR Dance Mats', with Alonzorion.