Zone 36: ‘Sonic & Moonwalker’ with Brendan Rorrison.

I first came across the ‘Time Extend‘ podcast when it appeared in my ‘Recommended‘ section in Overcast, and since then I’ve listened whenever a new episode appeared in my feed.

Brendan and Adam co-host the show, and after guesting on it, I thought it only made sense to invite them on for their own episodes.

Brendan and I go through his gaming history, alongside wishes for a Sonic R Remastered.

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Adam on Twitter.

Time Extend 022 – WipeOut Vol. 1.

Time Extend 023 – WipeOut Vol. 2.

A great ‘jazz’ cover of Sonic R’s ‘Can You Feel the Sunshine’.

Zone 36: 'Sonic & Moonwalker' with Brendan Rorrison.