Zone 26: ‘Infada Arts’ with Jason Chester.

We first met at the ‘Tomb Raider Suite’ Reception in 2016 with his partner in crime, and the first guest of the show; Phease!

Ever since then we’ve had a lot of great chats about the series and just, life in general. I also guested on their ‘The Vaultpodcast earlier this year.

It only made sense to now bring Jason onto the show to see if his tastes in the series have changed, and just how he got into his impressive artistry hobby, and what his plans for it are.

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Jason’s 007 Piece.

Jason’s art piece on Nolan North’s show.

Tomb Raider Suite.

The Dark Angel Symphony.

My ‘The Vault’ podcast appearance.

Zone 26: 'Infada Arts' with Jason Chester.