Zone 23: ‘Whether Tetchier’ with Lauren Aitken.

Lauren is mainly the ambassador for The Witcher 3. Also, she is the ‘guides writer’ for VG247, a gaming site that I’ve been reading up on for a fair few years now. Lauren went from freelancing on the side, to going for it and landing the job at VG247 just last September, where you can find her guides on Fortnite, Destiny 2, and much much more.

We discuss her fantastic career so far, remote working from her home in Scotland, and lots more. Maybe even The Witcher 3.

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Lauren’s ‘How to be a Games Journalist’ Video for the BBC.

The Witcher 3 on Amazon.

As if we knew.

I was a guest on PlayerCharacters last week, here’s the episode I did.

Zone 23: 'Whether Tetchier' with Lauren Aitken.