Zone 19: ‘Super Spence Land’ with Gavin Spence.

It all began last year when he appeared on Chris Scullion’s ‘Tired Old Hack Podcast‘ with previous PAL Keys guest Simon Marshall.

At the old day job soon after listening to the above, I spent an entire week listening to multiple past ‘Geshcast‘ episodes, and I was sold. Funny, enjoyable, and relatable. Then, I joined the Cult of Geshcast, a podcast series he currently does with co-leader Phil, where they discuss past cults in each episode.

Here, we go through the history of his podcasting, and his guesting on other shows, alongside his illustration career and our two mutual favourite documentaries.

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Episodes mentioned featuring Gavin:

Mechagamezilla (Owen) on YouTube.

‘Trekkies’ Trailer.

Zone 19: ‘Super Spence Land’ with Gavin Spence.

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