1.33: ‘Bigger on the Inside’, a Solocast.

Yesterday I brought out a post about my impressions with the 12.9″ iPad Pro (2018), and here, I go into a few more opinions about the iPad.

I start with the two points I raised about some apps not being optimised for the device and keyboard support, followed by a couple of other topics I wanted to address, bluetooth keyboards & zip files.

Something I didn’t mention, but I’m on the hunt for stickers. If you have one for a show, let me know and we can trade!

Finally, I give some updates on the schedule of the podcast for the next month, alongside when I was a guest on a certain show last week

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My iPad Pro (2018) Impressions.

‘Zipped’ on the App Store.

Matt Gemmell – TOLL.

Matt’s Autographed eBooks Piece.

USB-C to USB Adapter.

‘Petersgate Tap’ Bar in Stockport.

‘Petersgate Tap’ Co-Ordinates!

‘And You Are?’ Podcast 001.

‘And You Are?’ Podcast on Overcast.

The Outpost Show
The Outpost Show
1.33: ‘Bigger on the Inside’, a Solocast.