1.25: ‘Locked in the Freezer’, with Nathan McCree.

In November 2013 an interview with Nathan began something for me, which lead up to last week’s events.

With that, Nathan decided to come on and talk all about it, alongside a little-known game called Tomb Raider and his music for the first three games. We go in depth on how nostalgia can affect anyone at all ages, and influence some of the decisions we make.

Also, we discuss in detail the ‘passionate‘ concerns regarding the ‘Tomb Raider Suite‘ album release, alongside our enthusiasm for the recently-announced ‘Dark Angel‘ Symphony.

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The Platform Magazine interview with Nathan from November 2013.

My write-up of the Suite in December 2016.

Blade Runner Trailer.

Force Awakens Trailer.

Peter Connely’s ‘Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel’ Symphony.

‘The Dark Angel’ on Facebook.

The start of my Freelance Career.

The Outpost Show
The Outpost Show
1.25: ‘Locked in the Freezer’, with Nathan McCree.