1.20: ‘Siri, take me to 1985’, with Chris Lawley.

Chris is someone who I’ve been following towards the start of this year when I first listened to ‘Slab of Glass’, a podcast he co-hosts with previous guest Jeff Perry.

Chris is more of a video editor than a writer, and his passion shows with his YouTube channel, alongside his main site, ‘Untitled Site’, where he talks all about how he uses his iPad full time.

We talk all about this, alongside where we see Siri Shortcuts fitting on an AppleTV, games on an iPad, and which app he’d take with him on Outpost Island.

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Chris’ Ultimate iPad Pro Desk Setup.

Steve Troughton-Smith’s Trackpad-mockup on iPad.

Duet Display on the App Store.

Matt Birchler’s ‘Understanding Shortcuts in iOS 12’

The Outpost Show
The Outpost Show
1.20: ‘Siri, take me to 1985’, with Chris Lawley.