2.1: ‘Medium-Rare’ with Guilherme Rambo.

After Gui (with help from Steve Troughton-Smith) posted an article on 9to5Mac detailing a few tidbits of iOS 13 relating to the iPad, we thought it might be an idea to bring the recording forward.

Gui has sky-rocketed in the last couple of years, from his appearance on BYOD to now working as a contributor to 9to5Mac, alongside his great ‘Stacktrace‘ show with John Sundell.

We break down some of the details in the article that caught my eye, and if a redesigned Springboard is coming, alongside his developer history and what he does when he’s not in the eye of many podcast shows breaking down his thoughts.

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Gui’s first appearance on the BYOD Podcast.

Gui’s iOS 13 details on 9to5Mac.

How to tell.

Master Feed for PK and OS.
Master Feed for PK and OS.
2.1: 'Medium-Rare' with Guilherme Rambo.