Listen - Tomb Raider 3 dev talk at TR27

Have they been contacted about the Remastered Trilogy?

Listen - Tomb Raider 3 dev talk at TR27
TR 27 TR3 Talk

For those unaware, this talk was held at TR27 back in Derby on October 2023, where this event celebrated the 25th anniversary of Tomb Raider 3, (Although the name of event relates to the 27th anniversary of Tomb Raider 1), while welcoming plenty of fans of the series around the world to celebrate the series.

I loved the whole day, and there were countless kind comments of ‘The Making of Tomb Raider’.

I chatted to:

  • Andy Sandham - Level Designer
  • Richard Morton - Level Designer
  • Tom Scutt - AI Programmer
  • Martin Gibbins - Programmer

From being handed the TR3 project in 1997, to thoughts about the remaster, Peru, the game’s launch party, alongside some answers on whether Aspyr, the developers of the remaster, have reached out to any of them.