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My Link to the Past: Demo Discs.


A little different this month, as it’s all about the demo discs from magazines. Magazines in recent years have seen a downturn due to the rise of tablets, iPads especially. There are two magazines that I always used to look out for, which are still in circulation today. GamesMaster and Official Playstation Magazine (OPM). Without them, I would have no idea about the new games and sequels being released for the coming months. There wasn’t a PC with internet in the household until the turn of the century, and so these were what I solely depended on.


My Link to the Past: Tekken 3


I remember it being hyped for most of 1998. As I had the subscription to ‘GamesMaster’ magazine during this time, they would give guides to the arcade version, while eventually previewing the Playstation port, of which would eventually release in September of that year.


My Link to the Past: Tekken 2.


The first of a two-parter, where two games of the Tekken series will be talked of in detail this month.

It began in July of 1997, where a Playstation arrived into the household. With every box included a demo disk. Back in the days of the Internet slowly taking off, the idea of a console being connected to a worldwide network at all times seemed implausible.

You’d have a selection of playable demos or a running video, and in order to fit all of these on one 800MB disc, some features would have to have been cut.

This is when one of these playable demos was a 3D fighter called ‘Tekken 2’.