That ‘Throwback’ Feeling

Recently, I was in a meeting where I was asked about my role as a ‘Guru‘ back at O2. I was asked about what it was like, what my role entailed, and the question that always, always appears when I’m asked about it;

What’s the best phone you think I should get right now?


Bigger on the Inside.

It’s been a long three weeks.

Three weeks since I last had the 10.5 iPad, and I’ve come across so many issues when I had to use my MacBook Air during this time.

But last week, my new iPad Pro arrived. The 12.9″ 256GB Cellular model.

Before we continue, the below will be some impressions on how I use the iPad, and how the new features have benefitted me. The last part will be two incidents I’ve been running into, and I wanted to show the perspectives of both and my wishes for them.

Let’s go.