‘Decline’ Stickers on iMessage.


Previous podcast guest Timothy Buck & his wife Alyssa have been working on these stickers over the holidays, and they were kind enough to let me try them out before their launch today.

If there’s one other app that I use the most on my iPad and iPhone, it’s Messages. Almost each day I’m using the message effects that have been in iOS since version 10, alongside the stickers I have installed of Sonic, classic Macs, and much more to add some colour to conversations.

So when Tim gave me a link to these, I found myself using these whenever I could. So much so, my partner Lauren has already banned me from using them in our messages thread.


Each one is unique, and each one looks well-made, they don’t give the impression they’ve been made in Paint in Windows 95; they’re elegant, clean, great typography, and, I think most importantly, relevant to many potential conversations out there.

I think now they’re only limited to the access developers have with the Messages app and stickers. To have these animate and even cover the screen in some way, similar to Apple’s when you hold down the ‘send/^‘ icon, would be great to see in the future, but that’s completely on whether we’ll see these improvements in iOS in the coming years.

Also, can we finally start using the stickers we’ve bought on our Macs as well now Apple?

As a bonus, you can also purchase them as actual stickers on the site! A really nice touch, and I’ve been looking for new stickers for the iPad, so this works well for me.

At £1.99, it’s a steal for the quality here, and I’ve been using them since Friday in almost every conversation I’ve had.

Now it’s just picking which ‘real’ sticker should go on the iPad..

Decline Stickers Site

‘Real’ Decline Stickers Link.
App Store Link.