Recent Podcast Appearances.

I don’t like to make New Years resolutions, but this year was an exception where I wanted to set some aims for the podcasting.

Specifically, I wanted to guest on other podcasts, and to hone in on how I can contribute to a show. With that, I wanted to share the shows I’ve been on so far this year.

Super Jump Magazine.

Episode 316: The Future of Gaming!

Episode 320: E3 Predictions.

Always a pleasure to come onto Super Jump, and it was great to be asked on to their E3 Predictions show too to talk with Mitchell on what I wanted to see announced.

Double Density.

Episode 110: Trans-Atlantic Video Game Hour.

This is a show I’ve been listening to for around a year now, so it was great to guest on and give my thoughts to Angelo and Brian. From retro games, to iPad and even the Titanic, a topic that has always interested me but never had the chance to share it until now.

Player Characters.

Episode Link.

This was a great retrospective on what’s been done so far in my writing and podcasting, and Janus was great in sending me the questions before, so I could really think about the answers to them.

Joël’s ‘The Social Radio’.

Episode Link.

We found one another through Instagram oddly enough, and since then it’s been great following Joël’s tweets and posts, so when he asked me to come onto his new podcast, I immediately said yes.

All of these will be on the ‘Podcasts‘ page soon, but I certainly want to be on more, especially now that iPadOS is finally a thing.

You can always reach me on Twitter or e-mail if you have a guest-spot.