Script for Outpost Show 42: ‘Mid-Tier Time’.

This is the script I used for Episode 42, and instead of deleting it, I wanted to post it here. I go off-script (as usual) from this, but it still gets to the point I feel.

I’ve edited it a bit to make it a bit more readable for you, and if you want more of these for future solocast episodes, let me know and I’ll keep posting them here.

Welcome to a solocast of The Outpost Show, something I didn’t expect to be doing until WWDC! But this morning Apple brought their Store down, and at midday, it came back up with a refinement of the iPad line.

So instead of the iPad Pro models, the regular iPad, and the iPad Mini 4, we now have:

  • iPad Pro.
  • iPad
  • iPad Air!
  • iPad Mini 5!

So what’s the difference? Well, the Air and the Mini now have the latest A12 Bionic chip alongside a True Tone display and Apple Pencil support. With the pencil, it’s the first gen model, which has surprised me, as the line is now split into mid-tier and high-tier. If you want the best, get the Pro and the second-gen pencil, but if you want to draw on a size that works best for you, look at the Air and Mini.

Now at first, the first thought that came to me was:


Why are there now three different models, and one mini model? Why can’t the iPad and iPad Air converge into one?

But the more I looked at Apple’s site and chatting to a few, it made sense.

We’ve been introduced to the mid-tier iPad today, and a refresh of the Mini model. That’s it.

Chris Hannah, developer of Textcase App put it brilliantly.

That makes sense, and once again it almost sets it up now for WWDC. It’s all ready for what is coming in iOS for it. That’s what shouts out to me from today, that the line has been refreshed and re-aligned for what’s coming in June, and I can’t wait to see what’s coming to the iPad for iOS 13.

One last thing, I did wonder that, if I had decided to stay with the 10.5 Pro last year, would have I upgraded to this new Air? And I wouldn’t have, for the reason I just gave regarding WWDC. Of course, they’ll give more priority to the high-end Pros that I have one of, so I feel like I’d be missing out. And of course, this 12.9″ iPad Pro is my all time favourite. Love the screen, love the FaceID on iPad but not the iPhone, but that’s a story for another day!

But if you’re looking for an upgrade now from your Mini or Air 2, now’s the time people!

So that’s my thoughts. I was also going to say this in the next episode but I thought I’d say it now.

The next episode will signal the last in the current Season of The Outpost Show. There’s going to be something coming up between April and June, and then once that public beta of iOS 13 comes out, the second season launches!

I feel like there’s been enough said for these models and iOS 12, alongside the many wishes for 13. So when its Season 2, there’s going to be some slight changes, but the focus will always be on iPad. Always!

Apple PR Link