The Final Day of my 10.5” iPad.

Today will mark the final day of me writing something on my 10.5″ iPad Pro.

People have their own way of doing things. In this day and age, some people think that their opinion is how everyone uses a certain product. But of course, that’s incredibly wrong.

Since last June I’ve been writing 95% of my work on the iPad, and today is when I’ll be seeing it off to another home.

When the new iPad Pros were announced and the pricing came out, I wanted one. I used to be like this with iPhone but right now, it’s only iPad. I love the device, it works for everything I do, and for that 5% where I had to use my MacBook Air, it wasn’t a dealbreaker, and I know that the percentage will reduce soon.

I’m writing this at a nearby McDonalds on a rainy, bright morning, with a coffee and my iPhone charging on a Qi peripheral attached to their tables.

And I’m strangely feeling a large sense of impending loss.

For the next few weeks I will be without an iPad, mainly because I’m buying it from a cellular provider. So I will be doing work only on my MacBook Air.

I’ve been slowly easing it into my workflow to be ready for it all, which is also why you may have seen me starting up a casual YouTube channel. The battery life is terrible after owning it for five years and it mainly being beside my desk for decoration or a video centre. Of course it’s do-able, but my workflow almost feels as though it’s all taking a step backwards.

It’s going to be particularly awkward when I’m hosting another episode of the podcast, that involves interviewing people about their iPad, but I also can’t help but feel there’s some opportunity here.

I’m going to try and document how it is for me without an iPad.

You read and watch so many things about ‘MY DIARY ABOUT DOING WORK ON AN IPAD’, and plainly put, I’m sick of them.

So this will be me, taking a different approach with it all. My new iPad Pro arrives in 3 weeks, so we will see how this goes.

It’s been a fun time having this 10.5″ iPad, and I’ve written so much work that’s been published either in magazines or websites, so I’ll remember this one as what oversaw my transition from a job to freelancing. The screen has been fine, the Smart Keyboard is still the best keyboard that Apple have as far as I’m concerned, but it’s time for a change. I want the latest iPad, and I also feel that a bigger screen is the best way to go for me. My gut-feeling tells me that WWDC ’19 is where we will see many low hanging fruit pulled off and enhances how the iPad is used, and I can’t wait to see what that brings.

For now though, I’ll be seeing how writing again on my old MacBook Air full-time goes until my true typewriter arrives again.

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Here’s also some podcast episodes which have had a great insight into the iPads:

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A bonus, Chris Lawley of his YouTube channel, The Untitled Site did a great overview of his 11 inch iPad Pro. And now his just-published review of it.