Apple Watch & iPad, sitting in a tree…

I wasn’t hoping for much this year at WWDC. The writing has been on the Apple Wall that there’s been a greater need for improvements in quality towards all of their Operating Systems as of late.

With watchOS, this wasn’t needed, just some features that have been requested since we’ve all become accustomed to those taps on our wrists since 2015.

With version 5 announced at WWDC, the time has now come to say goodbye to a model of the Apple Watch, namely the ‘Series 0’ model, which began the Apple Watch when it first launched, and one that I also own.

To me it’s understandable, but also slightly puzzling, as i was hoping for some kind of service to help update the Watch you’ve spent hundreds (or thousands when it came to the gold edition), so that it’s still relevant on your wrist.

Alas, I’m now looking at current models, alongside the standard rumours of what could be coming for Series 4, to see what these new models could benefit me, to ease the pain of spending all that money on one again.

In all honesty, I’ve struggled.

I’ve written before where I’ve said that you can’t really justify having this product, unless you want to keep fit, and to watch your health, which is perfectly understandable, and perfectly justifiable.

In my case, I have lots of Gin, and KFC is my fast food of choice, so that doesn’t strictly apply to me. Even though I have become obsessed in making sure those three activity rings are met each day.

But, I do love wearing it. It’s comfortable, it does what I need it to, and for a ‘fun’ device, which I’ve found lacking from Apple as of late, it meets that criteria just fine.

But there is one wish I’d like, and something that I feel could work.

More control and information for my iPad.

We’ve heard constant reports of Apple wanting the watch to be independent from the iPhone, but still able to control certain features on the device, especially when the phone is either far away from you, or just in your pocket.

This way, you can make a call as you’re running, or just stream all the music to your AirPods as you walk to the shops.

But with iPad, I believe it can give the same use-case.

1. First of all, I’m amazed you can’t see the battery of the Watch on the ‘battery widget’ on the iPad. I’d love to see that as a quick swipe as I’m checking the battery for my AirPods.

2. Multitasking is becoming a front and centre feature of iPad more than any other device from Apple. I can split-screen two apps (or three with slide-over), but wouldn’t it be great if I could just use an Apple Watch app to paste a weblink or text to the device using the ‘Universal Clipboard’ feature? What about an image? Just to throw into Ulysses or ‘Notes’. Have the watch say ‘I’ve put the image in a new Notes sheet.’

Maybe even a joke at the end of the sheet, just to show some….’cheekiness’.


3. I try to separate apps between my iPad and iPhone. I have Outlook and Ulysses only on the iPad, almost forcing me to do work only on the tablet. Or if I receive an e-mail related to the podcast, I can only see it on the iPad.

Why not have notifications of these on the Apple Watch? It’s great that grouped notifications are now on iOS, but its only half the problem if you’re managing different notifications on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac (but only if you own more than one of these devices).

Have the Apple Watch manage all of them. Perhaps certain shades of notifications, alongside slightly different taps and sounds, so you know what device its meant for.

Have Apple Watch become Notification Centre, without hoping for another refresh on iOS.

The above is just some of what I’d like to see for my Apple Watch. But of course, as Apple say, its ‘the most personal device’ they’ve made, but if that’s the case, make it work for iPad too. Then perhaps it will be ‘personal’ to me as well.