Gin Service by App.

Technically, mobile ordering from your phone has been around for as long as the App Store has existed. But not when it’s been for delivering Gin to your table.

Sometimes an app comes along and you think that it’s been there all this time.

Going to a Wetherspoons pub in the week, I felt the same about an app they had released for the iPhone last March, followed by Android.

With Apple Pay launching and now common across the UK, only now the next step was their mobile ordering app.

It’s still not completely known how you use the app, regardless of how the company is pushing it with A1-sized logos of the app in their chains. So I thought I’d help.

First of all, you sign up in the app, and find the bar you’re currently in, followed by the table number.

Then, the whole menu is up to you.

Since its launch it’s now the only way I order. It’s incredibly easy, and you usually receive your order around 10 minutes after paying.

Back when I was in Lincoln, I decided to give it a try just to see how it would work. It made sense for the customers as it would save them having to wait at the bar. But on the other hand, it could potentially double the orders, slowing down the service and bringing greater strain to the staff. But still I downloaded it and looked through it, and surprisingly the app wasn’t a mess.

It didn’t crash, the layout was simple, and it was optimised for the bigger iPhones. Usually in an app that you would see from a chain, it would almost be like using an interactive Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and it would only look best on an iPhone 4. But here it worked well, and it allowed me to order something in only three presses from launching the app.

I put in my table number and ordered the Gin. In five minutes it arrived.

You can pay by ApplePay, PayPal, or just by debit card.

I used ApplePay simply because it’s normal for me to use it now. I use it everywhere that has contactless.

I was made aware that certain parts of the menu can be switched off if needed, as long as head office approve it. So if you can’t order drinks or food on their own at a certain time, there’s a good reason why.

You also can’t add notes to an order I’ve noticed. If you want no bacon on a breakfast (and if you do, get off this site), you’re currently unable to.

Same for requesting no ice in a glass of Pepsi. Not Coke.

But so far it’s great. It’s definitely one of those ‘Why hasn’t this been here sooner?’ situations, and you’ll wonder how you managed without it, especially if there’s more than three of you and it’s your round.

But it also does make it potentially addictive. Dangerous even that you can simply order whatever you like from an app. There’s been stories on social media of how people from hundreds of miles away have been ordering food and drink to a table when the original poster has long since left, or where they’ve still stayed and are being sent lemonades at 11PM. There’s much temptation here, and perhaps a limit on how many rounds of alcohol you can buy on certain nights could be beneficial.

Starbucks are the only company I can see that offer this, but it’s limited to a few of their stores. If Caffè Nero did this with their well-made app, I would be more than happy to stay for the day in one of their branches.

If it sounds too good to be true after reading this, bring a few friends, or just an iPad, download the app and see how it goes.