Apple Event Initial Thoughts.

Its the first year where I was catching up on it a couple of hours after it ended.
But I have some quick thoughts after watching the replay.

Apple Watch Series 3

The watch is now independent. It’s taken a while, but it now has Cellular, which means you can leave your iPhone at home if you wish as you go out on the town or off running.

Siri also has its voice this time, so no need to keep looking at the watch-face to watch it misunderstand you again.

It’s a great update, especially with watchOS 4. I’m only curious just how the battery will be affected. I’d be surprised if it lasted 12 hours independently of an iPhone.

It’s available on EE in the UK, which is puzzling to me. I was expecting it to be on most of the carriers. Maybe it will be eventually.

Apple TV.

This is the one where I thought they’ve never quite nailed this. Even their declaration of ‘The Future of TV is Apps’ back in 2015 felt wrong to me.

But for someone who has a 4K TV, they’re going to benefit a lot from the new model.

It’s a great touch that you don’t pay extra for a 4K film you’ve already bought, you just re-download it with no extra charge.

I also saw the ITV app is finally coming to Apple TV. Some I know will be pleased of this.

iPhone 8.

I’m glad they’ve called it this instead of ‘7S‘. I feel as though that naming convention is now outdated for 2017. Then again, I was confident this would be used when I wrote a post out of frustration back in July. It’s definitely not incremental this year, mainly due to the cameras. I’m puzzled as to why the regular 8 doesn’t have the dual-camera, as I thought this would be the standard across both lines, especially how Portrait Lighting was described in detail for so long here.

The design looks even more like a steamrolled iPhone 4 than the iPhone 7 did last year! But its a design I like. Even the colours seem as though they’re all in ‘Jet‘.

  • ‘Jet Pink’
  • ‘Jet Silver’
  • ‘Jet Black’

Lastly, wireless charging has arrived because of this glass design. This is good and bad for me.

Good because of the convenience. Less chance of those lightning cables being worn away.

But bad because I’ve had experience with other phones that have wireless charging. A lot of the time you have to place it on the QI charging mat in a specific place, and then it charges. But even then, depending on the version, it can charge slower than through wired means.

Until this is tried out in the wild, I’m unconvinced with this for now.

I did see they announced an ‘AirPower’ mat, where you can place this, the Apple Watch, and AirPods and they will all charge at once. Convenient but again, it still depends on the speed on which it will go from 0% to 100%.

iPhone x.

In the space of 5 minutes, I felt like I time travelled to 2019 where Apple announced their new iPhone already.

The 8 is already outdated.

First of all, the name. I like it. Right now in 2017, it works, it makes sense.

But 2018? No idea. Will the line be iPhone 9 or this model and ‘iPhone X2’? Not sure.

The screen looks great, but it’s half the story watching it on your display of choice. Because of the OLED display, it going to look better.

But, the main topic; Animojis. I wasn’t sure to begin with, but once Craig Federighi demoed it, I was sold.

Imagine having Pixar characters with this to send as a message. It renders you as Buzz Lightyear for example as you tell your other half to pick up Gin from ASDA. There’s huge potential here. If the API for this is available next Tuesday when iOS 11 launches, the market could be huge.

I’m glad the dual-camera is here too. Looks just as good as the ‘8’.

But the front camera. *Front cameras.

Portrait Mode is now on the front camera too here, so you now have ‘Super Selfies’ almost. It also brings FaceID, something that will take some getting used to, but already seems like a fair replacement for TouchID.

But, this is only initial impressions of iPhone X. I’m hoping it appears in Apple Stores soon. It launches on the 3rd November, with a starting price of £999, but I’m more curious on how the carriers will price it. The Samsung Note 8 is expensive on tariffs already, so I’m curious how this will be approached.

It’s expensive, granted. But there are people out there who will happily pay a lot of money for their favourite vices, in clothes, cars, and jewellery. The price may put people off, but in this day and age, the majority go for subsidisation if they can’t afford it outright. Which is why I’m curious on the tariff prices for the X.

These are the initial impressions, but just one more thing I noticed towards the end of the event.

I’m surprised the iPhone SE hasn’t been updated. I’m also surprised the 6S is still being sold. There’s now five different variations of iPhone, not counting the extra Plus models from 6S, 7 and 8.

It’s going to be an interesting few months to see how demand will be for iPhone, and what model will be the most popular, regardless of price points.