Tomb Raider II Fan-Made Demo Released.

Tomb Raider and Sonic have a incredible amount of passionate fans out there.
After so long, nostalglia takes hold and a large amount remember the time when there first played their game in the series.

Eventually, fans follow their passion and end up working in an official capacity, such as Sonic Mania.

Or, in the case of this demo, they approve a fan-made remake.

A fan by the name of ‘Nicobass’ has been working on a remake of Tomb Raider II for the last eighteen months, and has managed to release a short demo of the first level, ‘Great Wall’.

It’s common knowledge of how Tomb Raider II is a favourite game of mine, and I had hoped, with it being twenty years in November since it was first released, that Crystal Dynamics would at least show something towards this.

But alas, their task instead is to talk about a game released two years ago, about to be released again, on Xbox One X Y Z.

My MacBook Air is showing signs that it’s now saying goodbye after four years of use, and that point couldn’t have been better shown as I was playing the demo. It runs on ‘Unreal Engine 4’, where games such as Tekken 7 have taken full advantage of it.

At some points it was a slideshow but even then, I still ploughed through.

It’s almost an extension of the Tomb Raider games from a decade ago, of Legend/Anniversary/Underworld. It controls the same, it ‘feels’ the same as you climb from ledge to brick, it sounds the same when you reach a Checkpoint.

But it does another thing that surprised me; it gives you that feel of familiarity. There’s a ‘Wow’ moment when you emerge from the bottom, and running across the Great Wall.

Even the music, inspired by its original composer, Nathan McCree, works very well. Familiar, but a new take.

There’s a puzzle towards the end where you have to raise an object in the room, and as you pull the switch, the Xian logo comes into focus, as these logos are also seen on flags, blowing in the wind in this area. A great touch.

Even a small thing; As soon as you download it, you only need to extract it and click on the .exe file and play. No installation, no bloatware, nothing. I like that.

Overall, as I had finished the demo and the Mac felt as if it was going to self-combust, I was impressed. This is what can be done from a fan, and the interest is there. The Tomb Raider Suite campaign proves this.

It’s one of those ideas where Crystal Dynamics need to step back, and look into if this can be done in the same vein as Sonic Mania.

Have them concentrate on the ‘reboot’ series, and have the fans concentrate on a ‘continuation’ of the previous games. Have Nathan McCree be brought in for the music alongside the composer for this demo, Judith Gibbons as the voice again, and it’s win-win.

But for now, I implore you to follow the guy on Twitter, see how the next progress is going, and to play it.

Even a favourite ‘LetsPlayer’ of mine, NathPlays, is streaming a playthrough of it on his Twitch tonight at 8PM (UK Time).

Of course, the direct download link from his site has taken a battering, so here are some alternate links below to save you some time.

Download One.

Download Two.

Download Three.