Unveiling: The Outpost Show.

An introductory episode will be going live soon, but I wanted to explain what it will be about, alongside some thoughts on podcasts in general. Alongside, how you can help with this.

I’ve listened to podcasts since John Gruber’s Talk Show in 2013, and since then it’s a weekly listen of a fair few shows.

The below are a weekly listen for me.

Around 2015, the wide-ranged opinion was that podcasts were about to disappear. It was going to be left on the wayside, reduced to a hidden category in iTunes.

But since that time, they’ve seen a resurgence. There’s so many varied podcasts in 2017, from hidden histories of Hollywood, to some great opinions on tech and games.

But with mine, I’d like to do it different.

Joshua Topolsky is a great writer. He was one of a few who founded ‘The Verge’, and now heads up a new site called ‘Outline’. But, this tweet and its thread back in June irritated me:

95% of the content on Outpost comes from my iPad. It’s my preferred way of creating posts, noting down drafts, and managing e-mails related to it. Without the iPad, I’d have to carry around a laptop which doesn’t benefit me towards the site, only when I need screenshots for a certain game.

Since talking about it on my Patreon, I’ve been looking into how it could be a good attribute to Outpost in great depth.

I’ve decided that the topic of these episodes will be a random guest who has an iPad, and how they use it in their lives for an hour at most.

That’s it.

There will probably be times where there will be guests with tablets that won’t be iPads, such as Surfaces. I’d be interested in that as well, purely because it is a tablet, and to have an insight into the Windows side would be a nice break, and an interesting side of the coin to go into.

I don’t care how someone uses it. It can be graphics designers, podcast hosts, writers, business analysts, carers, families, anything.

If an iPad is used almost-daily and think you can last for an hour on a podcast, then let me know.

All you need is a Skype account, and we can be done in an hour.

Best way is Twitter, but you can e-mail me about it.