WWDC: iOS 11 iPad Wishlist.

Each year, I like to do a few words on what I’d like to see for the next versions of iOS, macOS, and watchOS before they’re announced at WWDC on Monday from 6PM.

Last year was all about the three, but this year it’s a bit different; iOS 11 for iPad.

But, why just for iPad you ask?

I feel happy with how watchOS 3 is for a start. It’s slowly morphing into a health device primarily, and it will all be about the Series 3 and how it will benefit people. Currently the OS is fast and stable, and I still use it daily two years on.

Whereas macOS is something I use the least out of all the Apple products I have. I use it more for editing the site and taking screenshots. This is again, a hardware upgrade I’m waiting for. It looks as though new MacBooks will be appearing soon though. I’m still not sold on the new keyboards, so I’ll see if another improved variant appears on the new models.

iPhone and iOS are at a stage where there’s no needed features. Again, all eyes are on the ‘iPhone 8’ or whatever it may be called in September. I’m happy with what iOS 10 offers, and the camera in iPhone 7 is at a great quality now. The only prediction I have would be Apple Pencil Support for the Plus models. I believe it would work great for taking quick notes or for annotating in certain apps.

There’s only two welcome requests I’d like which would affect iPhone as well as iPad, is a ‘Night Mode’ look. Many apps have this, such as Twitter and Overcast. To have it across the whole OS would be welcome.

Also, grouped notifications would be great. For example, if I had two retweets, three likes and a follow notifation from Twitter, I’d like to have just one notification in Notifcation Centre, and I only have to press it to expand it.


It was rumoured last year that the ‘point releases’ after the initial iOS 10 release would bring new iPad features, but that never came to be. From podcasts and posts I’ve kept up with, it looks as though they were delayed. But with three days to go, I’m confident that this is the year, where iOS 11 will be primarily about iPad.

Drag and Drop.

As i had mentioned a fortnight back, Federico and his team did a great job in showing how drag and drop could work. I’d love to be able to grab multiple images from Photos or Messages, and drop them into Notes.app ready to use.

Improved Split View Management.

When you slide right, sometimes you get the list view for apps, or your previously used app. Instead, being able to re-arrange the apps only you use for Split-View would make things much faster. Even a search bar at the top would help matters. Or instead of a list, a smaller springboard view, perhaps similar to an iPhone 5.

Better Keyboard Support

The Smart Keyboard is something I love about the iPad Pro. It gets rid of the keyboard on the screen while I have WordPress and YouTube at once, and it lets me see content much better.

But, it could be better. Games could benefit so much from it. Being able to use it for Doom and the Tomb Raider games would be ideal. Using the ‘ W A S D’ layout is great. I play these games on the Mac without ever using the trackpad, so why not on the iPad.

Here’s some I think could also benefit:

  • All the Sonic games.
  • Tomb Raider I & II
  • Doom
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Worms
  • Final Fantasy
  • Jetpack Joyride
  • Crazy Taxi
  • INKS

There’s a lot of potential here.

Better Design inspired from pre-iOS 7

Back in the day when iOS 6 was on the iPad, it had a few traits that I believe should come back.

Siri full screen on the iPad is ridiculous to me. It always has been, and it should change. Before iOS 7, it would appear beside the home button depending on the screen orientation, and would be the size of an iPhone 5. It didn’t intrude, and you could look at what you were doing.

Folders from iOS 7 have always bugged me. They cover full screen, and that’s it. iOS 10 gained the iPad an extra four icons, but they still covered the screen.

I miss the way they looked in iOS 6 days. They would split open the home screen, and it just looks better than it does now.

More detailed Control Center.

Currently, it looks like an iPhone feature zoomed in. The buttons for AirPlay, NightShift, Airdrop can easily be shrunk, while the camera and clock icons look out of place. To even be given just the choice to customise the layout would be welcome. To have a shortcut for Notes would be great instead of, a clock.

Also, when a video is being played, a slider on the Control Center would be welcome.

Three Column Split View.

Some have argued this would only be beneficial for the bigger iPad Pro, but I disagree. Some apps could definitely work for the three-column approach.

Twitter could just be it’s own live timeline,while you use Notes and Safari or Messages.

Multiple Users.

This is one that appeared on the Classroom app last year, and I thought it was a good indicator of it coming to iPad in iOS 10. Again, I was incorrect on this. So this year I believe is when it will occur. The storage on the iPad models and iCloud family sharing now at a good stable level, it makes sense for this to now appear.

In the previous job, I saw many couples who were upgrading from a PC/Laptop to an iPad, but they didn’t want to see messages meant for their other halves. While sharing an AppleID was a nightmare to fix.

Having this feature would make it easier not only for the user, but for anyone who may have to fix the one AppleID shared by 3 scenario.

Better PiP.

This is still one of my favourite features from iOS 9, but two years later there’s been no improvements. A constant timeline slider for TV Shows and movies would be great, while being able to move the video to the absolute corner of the screen would be welcome.

iCloud Drive/Finder 2.0

Federico went through this on his video, but to have an app that merges iCloud Drive and macOS Finder in one, would be great.

Not having to go into the app it self to obtain a file and use the Share Sheet would be incredibly easier. Apple tried to make iOS work without a file system app, but the reality is, in whichever device you use, it’s needed. To manage files, photos, save files and have them combined with the storage service of your choice would be great, and make the transition of the iPad as a laptop replacement much easier.

There’s probably some that I’ve missed, but the above are what I would like. The iPad will never have the games and screenshot editing features that I can easily use on the Mac. It will always be the main device for that. It’s the editing machine essentially.

But even with half of my wishlist, I would be very content.

What’s yours?