Final Zone: Tekken 2

There’s a pattern in Tekken games for its bosses. As soon as you reach Stage 7, it goes into ‘What buttons do I mash next?’ territory.

Out of all six (soon seven) of the numbered Tekken titles, the second game had a boss that was relentless, more so than Heihachi, much more than True Ogre, and just edging out the ridiculous Egyptian boss from Tekken 6.

Soon after you fight the sub-boss, you face Kazuya.

The stage is surrounded by darkness, while the floor almost makes it seem like you’re in a castle. It can take a few goes, but eventually it’s just a matter of blocking the combos and his uppercut.

Once you win, Devil Kazuya appears.

This is where it can all go to hell and you notice the timer on the left corner increase from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.

He has most of Kazuya’s moves but with stronger hit points. So instead of taking away a third of your health, it’s now half. If you get hit with the laser, it could be an instant KO.

The best way is to strategise. Plan what moves and combos you’re going to perform, and Devil could block them all, as its happened to me many a time. But eventually one block to his moves and you can let loose.

There’ll always be a time when you’re just a punch away from victory, and you’ll suddenly think the controller has taken on a mind of its own. But in times likes this you will just have to jump.

Eventually though, you will finally win, with the ending cutscene and another secret character obtained.

When I bought an old Playstation 2 and Tekken 5 last year, I had forgotten that not only Tekken 2, but Tekken 1 and Tekken 3 were on the disc as ‘Arcade History’ entries. Playing the arcade versions were faster, identical to their arcade counterparts, as back in the day, compromises had to be made in order for the games to work on the original Playstation.

You can easily lose a weekend to the games. I’ve mentioned how Tekken 4 and Tekken 6 are my least favourite due to some bizarre design choices, but the first three will always keep you entertained.

Tekken 7 releases on Friday, and the boss fight looks to be similar to this entry. Kazumi Mishima, Kazuya’s mother, is the final boss. That’s all I’ll say for now until a review is out there. But it should be an interesting fight to see just how difficult it is in these modern times and how long it will take me to beat Kazumi instead of Devil Kazuya.