Final Zone: Sonic Adventure.

After covering Mario 64 a few weeks ago, I wanted to cover another that also made the jump from 2D to 3D, and how this final boss showed how it fit for a Sonic game, rather than a Mario one.

First known as ‘Sonic & Knuckles RPG’ before it was officially announced, Sonic Adventure was a launch game for the Dreamcast, back in 1998/1999.

I received my console in April of 2001, along with Sonic and Toy Commander.

This was the first ‘next generation’ console I was to own, and the first series I had played before that made the jump from 2D to 3D.

In Sonic Adventure, you could control six characters with their own story.

  • Sonic
  • Knuckles
  • Amy
  • Big the Cat
  • E-102 Gamma

The story to Sonic Adventure, is that an ancient monster has been awakened, and will only be able to destroy the world by collecting all of the 7 Chaos Emeralds and reaching its final form.

As soon as you have completed the game with each of the five characters, you gain access to the ‘?‘ Story.

This was the final ending of the game, where you faced Perfect Chaos in its final form, and you finally control Super Sonic, the sixth character.

Even though this and Mario 64 were roughly four years apart from their release, the fight with Perfect Chaos requires speed to beat him, and only speed.

You try to maintain this speed while collecting rings as they count down to zero. If they do, you lose a life, and have to restart the stage.

You also need to dodge its projectiles, while also jumping past any debris to gain enough speed, to travel to its head and knock him out in ten hits.

Whereas with Mario, it’s precision in trying to avoid Bowser’s fire, then to grab his tail, followed by throwing him into a bomb. Slower, but again more focused on accuracy.

Perfect Chaos is in two parts. The main theme plays as you race to the end of the stage to hit his head, then once you’ve done this, it’s the second part where it becomes intense.

Here, the music changes and suddenly you’re dodging tornados, multiple projectiles, and a laser from its mouth. If you get hit, you lose speed, and have to try and build it back up. Otherwise, he teleports to the other end of the stage, making you build up speed and to hit him again.

If you’re low on rings, you may as well restart the stage, as timing is everything here,

Eventually, after a few tries, I did it. The hundreds of projectiles slowed me down far too many times in the second part, but I’ve found if you stay to the right, you’re usually fine.

While this final boss is challenging and the music is still great, it doesn’t give much of an effect that Doomsday Zone gave in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. You were on a chase to catch the Master Emerald from Robotnik, dodging asteroids best you could, whereas here, it’s going from one end of the stage to the next, multiple times.

Also instead of previous games, Super Sonic was reduced to just one stage. No more collecting 50 rings and double jumping to transform. I was disappointed at this.

Sonic Generations made the level more interesting, as you had to jump on different platforms in a 2.5D form, but not as Super Sonic.

Overall, a decent boss for Sonic’s first 3D game, but not as interesting and epic as previous final bosses in the series.