Final Zone – Aladdin.

In the mid-ninteties, there wasn’t just a Disney Renaissance of their animated movies, but the games too.

But one that stood out to me was Aladdin. Great music, great levels, great fun.

But out of Toy Story, Lion King and Aladdin, the final boss here was a challenge more difficult than the others.

After traipsing through the six stages, following the movie piece by piece, you finally arrive at Jafar’s Palace, where you have to make your way down to Jafar’s throne room.

But the level itself is a challenge, much like the rest of the game, but there’s only two checkpoints I saw before it was Jafar, and the first was two thirds of the way there, so accurately jumping to the right platforms had to be done. if you had more than four lives, you had a good chance of reaching Jafar at least.

You see Jago now and again, but a couple of apples thrown in his direction and he’s easily beaten.

With Jafar, it’s a very small area, where he’s in the middle, beside two platforms, and you are jumping like a madman to avoid the many fires that he summons.

The only way to beat him is to throw apples with your good arm. All of the apples.

Once there’s been enough Granny Smith’s thrown, Jafar then transforms into the snake, mirroring the film.

Once again, it’s apples that will help you win the fight. Forget the sword with its sharp edge. As long as you keep your distance and jump repeatedly, around seven direct hits to the snake and you will eventually win.

If you die, which happened to me twice, you are taken back to the final checkpoint.

If you do run out of the Honeycrisps, four will appear on one of the platforms, ready to be thrown.

Eventually, after many jumps, many Granny Smiths, many lives spent, Jafar is beaten, and the final cutscene plays.

The SNES version is slightly different. As its method is to jump on anything to beat an enemy, the same applied here with Jafar. He would summon flying pots to avoid, but a few jumps on his head and the stage would be clear. The snake takes over the entire stage next, but again requiring many jumps on his head. Not as challenging, but a fresh difference at least.

I picked Aladdin instead of Lion King and Toy Story because this was more of a challenge compared to them. The others had some in a few levels here and there, but this was the hardest out of the three I played. Sultan’s Palace with the flamingo’s as platforms, or Genie’s level was a cause of frustration. It was only when I reached Jafar’s Palace that the unfairness of the platforms is when I decided to bring the game to Final Zone.

I’d encourage you try not only try out this Mega Drive version, but the SNES version too, just to see which one you prefer.

Just a pity there wasn’t a bonus stage to pit Genie against Jafar-Genie.