Deliveroo & Ribs n’ Bibs.

Ever since i came across Deliveroo, I wanted Ribs N’ Bibs to appear on the app.

To have their ‘Vitamin P’ as a few of us were battling on Mario Kart 64 at the flat was a great thought, and a fortnight ago that came true.

Deliveroo (App Store link, Google Play link) is one of those services that you think ‘Why hasn’t that been done before?‘. The aim is, let them take care of the delivery function of your business, while paying them a small percentage, but let you focus on the what you do best.

Once I saw Ribs N’ Bibs on the app, I couldn’t help but press ‘order’.

A minimum of £10.00 is required before they can deliver, which is understandable. At the time of ordering, I couldn’t request ‘Sweet Potato Fries’ as I usually do when I’m there, but I’m aware that the choice is now available on the app.

You can choose the menu if you wish. Their starters, their mains, even their drinks if needed (you will be required to show ID for the ‘other’ beverages though).

As soon as I had ordered the standard ribs and fries, I was ready to pay. The ApplePay on the site was a nice touch.

As I had an account with Deliveroo, I could track my order on the app on my iPhone, which was similar to Dominos, but even better. I could actually track where the delivery was.

I loved this, as I had the iPhone on my charging stand as i was doing work on the Mac, and I could just glance to the left, and the timer would rapidly go down, until it showed the delivery biker.

It arrived, piping hot, ready to be had.

With myself being one of the first to try these out, understandably there were some issues that have been since ironed out. I didn’t receive pickles and coleslaw, alongside a bib I requested just in case. Soon after this, Ribs N’ Bibs reached out to me, who had said that these teething issues would be rectified going forward. Having a rapid and simple response to this only keeps my high standard of them in good standing.

Overall, I was impressed. Finally I had my favourite independent on a well-designed app, ready to be ordered. They won’t always be available on the app, subject to how busy the restaurant will be, and that they’d like to keep the experience mainly at their headquarters on steep hill, which is understandable. The fact I can order this at 8PM after a long day of the day job on some days is enough.

With friends telling me that the food given, such as the coleslaw and the pickles now part of the delivery, I only wish that there breakfast makes a comeback. Breakfast Ribs on Deliveroo could be the next highlight.

But for now, I’m satisfied.