Final Zone – Mega Man.


This is a post that was meant to be published last March, but only now did I dedicate a full weekend to beat Mega Man from beginning to end.

Precision is everything. Make sure you use the right power up, and make sure you have more than half your health, otherwise you may as well restart the checkpoint again.

But once you reach the final boss, it’s everything you’ve collected and learned, plus more to finally complete the game.

Mega Man 2016-03-05 16.15.50

Dr Wily is the final boss in Mega Man, and its subsequent sequels, after fighting your way through six stages and their respective bosses.

But there’s a few enemies to face before it’s Wily.

This is two stages in one, where you need to use most of the weapons to replay some bosses like Rockman and Cutman, alongside facing an incredibly frustrating final sub-boss called ‘Yellow Devil’.

But I made a mistake. There is a weapon you had to obtain to get past a certain point, called the ‘Magnet Beam’. This would allow you to make platforms that would have you jump over obstacles that were otherwise too tall to reach. If you didn’t obtain it, a restart of the stage would have to be done. But if you had no continues, it’s game over.

Of course, this happened to me.

Every single stage shown above to be played again.

Once 11PM rolled around on Saturday, the above had finally occurred.

But in an odd sense, I didn’t mind. There was no message that appeared that said I needed to find/use another weapon, nor did an optional purchase appear for me to obtain the weapon needed.

I simply appeared at that point, explored the area, and exclaimed an expletive. Repeatedly.

But on the Sunday morning, I then faced ‘Yellow Devil’.

This is a boss that took me the best part of two hours to learn his attacks and routine. You can only hit his eye once it opens. Once that occurs, he separates, bit by bit, to the reform at the other end of the area. Repeating this, you eventually win the first part of this stage.

Coffee was consumed, and so began the second and final stage of the game.

It begins with climbing the ladders, which of course meant having to avoid the green enemies that would fire attacks in your direction, causing you to fall off.

Once these are avoided, you face Cutman and Elecman from before. The routines are simple as before, especially now you have obtained all of the weapons. But the third boss did take me off-guard.

Your double.

Even when you change forms, the doppelgänger also changes into that form. This was actually easier than I thought, and more fun. I think this was because it was an equal enemy, and one that you can, in a way, practice before what was coming. This was done in only ten minutes with a few bars of energy left.

You then guess which of the floor is hollow where you can jump down, which after running through a few hallways, you find yourself here.

You encounter this oddly-shaped machine that appears from one of three entrances, and increases in speed every-time you hit it.

This part was monotonous to me, with trying to quickly guess which entrance it would be appearing from to not only save some health, but also fire an attack.

A life was lost in this part to my frustration, but the win was achieved this time.

The final part now began with avoiding yet some more obstacles, alongside even more past-bosses of Fireman and Bombman. Same routine, but more attacks in your arsenal, and these were easily taken care of.

Finally, you meet Dr Wily.

This is a boss that tests everything you’ve previously done in the game. Accuracy and timing is essential.

He appears in two parts; one that fires a gun and the other where you need to hit Wily exactly.

The ‘Magnet-Beam’ can prove useful here, where making multiple platforms can help you avoid the attacks, while, using the fire-cannon to achieve multiple hits in one in both parts.

Another life was lost, and of course, I was now on the final life. If I lost, it would be game over.

It was all to play for.

With full health and the attacks now charged up to a point, I knew the routine and was able to finish the first part, while the final part, it was a third of health left.

But at last, it was done. I had beaten Mega Man 1.

Forget working towards a degree or a busy shift at the day job, this was the achievement, and tests your patience to the limit.

The whole of the final stage is a final boss, wrapped up in a boss, wrapped up in another three final bosses, followed by Dr Wily.

An incredible challenge, but an incredibly fun one. It makes you want to replay it again. You may get frustrated, but you never feel cheated. You only feel like you’ve earned that win, from every boss fought.

Now with the first one beat, I’m tempted to try out the rest of the NES series, followed by the ‘X’ games on the SNES.

Until Megaman 2 in Final Zone III, to be published in July of 2018.