Final Zone – Street Fighter II Turbo.

Back in the mid-nineties, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter were notorious for rumors or hidden secrets that would be near-impossible to achieve.
Rumors of ‘Goro’ or ‘Reptile’ being playable in Mortal Kombat 1, or being able to play as ‘Shen Long’ in Street Fighter II.

But with Super Street Fighter II Turbo, there was a hidden final boss that knocked out the original final boss at the last stage, which made the fight all the more intense and fun.


Once you reach the final stage, the enemy’s picture is a black silhouette, with a short cutscene at the beginning, knocking M. Bison out.

He’s more than a clone of Ryu and Ken; he’s very quick, with special moves that can quickly decide the outcome of the round. Moves such as throwing hadoukens in the air, or a special dodge move that makes him invisible to any attack.

The method to face Akuma here changes, depending on the port you play on.
If it’s the Arcade version, you have to reach M Bison without reaching for a continue.
If it’s the Playstation, you can’t lose a round. Even if it’s just one you lose on, you face M. Bison as normal.

With myself attempting this on the Playstation, it took me twice as long to reach Akuma and then beat him, than it did me facing Ultimecia in Final Fantasy VIII from last year.

With the match that starts of a short cut scene of Akuma knocking out M. Bison, he’s now relegated to the background in a pile.
In a way, at least on the Arcade version, it’s good that no continues cannot be used until this point, as you’ll be using most of them to beat him.
It took me a few attempts, but it was oddly easier than when I was fighting Vega a few matches before. But at times, some of the win is luck in the timing of punches you land, or avoiding as many fireballs as you can.

If you had reached this far by playing with a keyboard, I’d tip my hat off if I had one. The combos and special moves you need to learn and perform for this fight are essential, which a keyboard can barely achieve. Use the character you’re most comfortable with, and see how you go the first time.
I beat Akuma using my Dual Shock 4, and even with its D-Pad it was a challenge having the combo attacks connect onto Akuma.
Once it does, you have to keep the momentum going. The more the hits connect, your chances of winning increases.

Once you win on the Playstation version, you receive a message that you’re now able to play as him, by selecting Ryu and holding L1 + R1.

Akuma has always been a favourite character of mine. I usually select him in the ‘vs.’ games, such as X-Men vs. Street Fighter, and Marvel vs. Capcom 3. In these games, his super attack is similar to a ‘Kamehameha‘ from Goku’s Dragonball Z series, but every-time it’s satisfying, and takes off almost half of an enemy’s lifebar.

Bizarrely he’s in the new Tekken 7 as a playable character, being released sometime this year. He’s even involved in the story with the Mishima’s, but Tekken has always had its fair share of oddness in each game.

Akuma was an example of how good your skill could be at Street Fighter. He became another hidden boss in Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter where he gained some machinery, almost becoming a Terminator called ‘Shin Akuma’. Even faster, more powerful, much more of a nightmare.

Perhaps another time.