Dust Hill Discs.

Sometimes you just need to retreat and forget about everything.
To get away, to recover, or just because.

Some play games all day or just lay in bed instead. Whereas others listen to music to take them somewhere else, almost as if you’re plugged into the Matrix.

I’m never one for a clickbait post of ‘all time lists’, whether thats of embarrassing moments from ‘celebrities’, or your favourite benches found across Lincoln.

But there’s always those select few that you’ll repeatedly go back to, no matter what they are.

There’s five albums for me. Only five, that i could happily listen to over and over. Those that resonate with times in the life, or some that match my changing mood and thoughts across any time of the day.

I’ve got each one on vinyl, with Abbey Road and Hunky Dory being the originals. To me, the quality on vinyl is unmatched compared to any other medium. Every crackle is heard and you can hear the songsĀ in a way that they’re being played live just next to you.

In no particular order, the five are below.


Hunky Dory.

Abbey Road.

A Northern Soul.

Definitely Maybe.

Of course, there songs from other albums that I love, such as Bittersweet Symphony from Urban Hymns, or Gimme Shelter from Let it Bleed.

But those five are important, and always relevant to me. I can never grow tired of them, it’s amazing how many times I’ve listened to each of these and I don’t skip a track as i usually do with others.

I may do another one similar to thisĀ for the games. I have them framed in the bedroom/office, but there’s perhaps around ten that I could repeatedly come back to.