Man of Science, Man of Faith – 11 Years On.



Sept. 21st 2005 was when the first episode of the second season of LOST aired, eleven years ago today.

Ever since finishing Uni in 2014, I’ve purposefully avoided watching it, so it would be fresh in the mind when I next came to watch the series.

Last week, I decided to go back to it and watch them all on the iPad.

Watching the finale of Season 1; ‘Exodus‘, I was brought back to a time when during the summer of 2005, where all you would hear on TV news sites was:

‘What’s in the hatch?’

Man of Science, Man of Faith‘ was the episode where we finally found out what (or who) was inside the hatch.

A time before Twitter existed and when Facebook was in its infancy, there would be ‘LOST Forums’ or sites dedicated to spoilers for TV shows. Any hint that the producers, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof would give, it would be scrutinized completely.

I did spend the beginning of the summer watching the first season completely, as I had caught it once when it was being aired on Channel 4. When I saw the finale and then ‘The Others’, I was hooked there and then. Fortunately I only had to wait a couple of days for the Season 2 premiere, whereas others had to wait four months.

I remember reading every rumour given during that period:

  • It would be a portal to another world, similar to ‘Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe’.
  • They would come across a nuclear submarine that washed ashore fifty years ago.
  • They would come across a guy who was saving the world, by pressing a button every 108 minutes.

One turned out to be true. Which was written in a book by Damon Lindelof himself, one of the producers of LOST. but as it was seen to be too ‘ridiculous’ by the fan it was given to, it was ignored.

There was a big build up a week before it aired I seem to remember, even though LOST hadn’t aired its first season completely on Channel 4 yet. Once it did air, in standard form as the show did in its six seasons, it raised about 3 questions for every answer given.

Desmond, the music, the computer. It was when the show had begun its change into a show that had a bit of science fiction with the monster, into a science fiction show completely.

You knew with episode 2, it wasn’t going to carry on the story in the hatch, but with Michael and company after the raft had been blown up by The Others.

But episode 3 was the one where you not only saw more of the hatch, but of a film.

This was the highlight in episode 3 for me. Marvin Candle. Once the episode descriptions were released, if it said ‘Marvin Candle’ as a special guest, you knew it was one you had to watch for any more information on the hatch. Not until halfway through the season did you see more of the film.

I can watch Season 2 over and over, as much as I can with Only Fools and Horses, the same with Life on Mars, with The Simpsons too. Every episode is to the point and keeps you guessing. This could have been their ‘jump the shark’ moment, but it worked, and made perfect sense, incredibly.

It’s a show that also ended in the same week as Ashes to Ashes, another series I love did back in May 2010. Bizarrely, they almost end on the same concept, one which I won’t spoil here for anyone new to both series.

Whereas with Netflix or Amazon in 2016, you can wait not just for one episode, but a series all at once now. Some of that patience and pay off that you got from shows such as LOST is gone lately, but there are some I’ve seen that are going back to airing one episode a week.

I can see season 2 of ‘Stranger Things’ following this. Its story and era would be ideal for that, instead of the whole series going out at once.

If you haven’t seen LOST, it’s available on iTunes, but not Netflix anymore, and see where the hatch goes in Season 2.