Pokémon Go Impressions.

This is the start of something, and what else but Pokémon to start it off.


Even though it’s not released in the UK as yet, I was able to try out the game for a few days to see how it played.

Don’t get me wrong. If this was a game that didn’t have the Pokémon brand, I’m confident that this wouldn’t be in the top 100 charts, let alone number one in the App Store and Google Play stores.

But it’s the nostalgia and the temptation to check if a Pokémon is nearby wherever you are, which makes it addictive.

The aim of it is to walk around as normal, but once one is nearby, your phone will vibrate and you will be in a battle. Throwing a pokeball reminds me of ‘Paper Throw’, a game where you had to flick rolled up paper into a bin.


This is similar, as you have to aim it to hit the Pokémon, and then you wait in hope for it to not jump out of the ball. Once one is caught, you can rename it, and train it by giving the Pokémon items

Landmarks are classed as ‘Pokéstops’, so you can heal your collections or buy items to help them.

So far, I keep having to close the app and open for it to use location services, but otherwise, it’s very addictive, and very fun.

But I’m amazed that the reason why it hasn’t launched in the UK and other locations yet, are to save on the servers from crashing. Surely, with a strong brand like Pokémon, there would have been preparation for this. But a smartphone trend can fall quickly, such as:

  • Draw Something
  • SingPop
  • Bejeweled
  • Facebook (for some)

But hopefully more servers are brought online, and it will be released worldwide.

Even a post on Facebook has brought some asking where they can find it, or where they’ve found Pokémon. Apparently there’s a Vaporeon near the bus station, so I’m half-tempted to go there later today to see if it’s true.

There doesn’t seem to by any way to challenge other trainers to a Pokémon fight as yet, but I imagine that may be to do with the server issues. There are plans to trade Pokémon with other trainers though, so that shouldn’t be too far off from appearing soon.

So far though, I’m impressed, and the demand shows how overdue something like this from Nintendo has been. Over $7 billion has been added to its market price just from this alone, stated from BBC News. I wonder now what other established brands will be coming to smart devices with their own take.

This, and other smartphone/tablet releases, could be a prelude to what the NX will include. These could all work with the console/platform. Nintendo have been known to prepare for some features of what people don’t expect.

But it looks as if it’s definitely the start of something bigger for Nintendo and their IP’s.