Final Zone Volume 1.

Last month I made the decision to pause the Final Zone feature for now and resume it next year, for two reasons.

  1. Two new features are coming very soon, which I’d like to focus on for the remainder of the year.
  2. I’m investing in equipment to take advantage of the newer consoles I own, so it won’t just be Mega Drive or Playstation, but soon, Dreamcast and Playstation 2.

But, I still wanted to do one last contribution to the feature for now, not just leave it in a section on the header.
After research and planning, I’ve decided to release the first fifteen as a free ebook in August. There’s already a preliminary front cover, which will most probably be refined by the time it’s released.

final zone cover

With the features that iBooks Author offers, I’m going to slightly expand each piece, so it’s not just a copy and paste from the site to a book, so it can be unique, with some great features for the reader to manipulate and use.

Not going to say what they will be just yet, but I want it to be worth downloading, regardless of it being free to buy.

Once the release on the iBooks store is complete, I will move onto Amazon and so forth.

Next week, the new monthly Playstation 2 feature, ‘Emotion Engines‘, is beginning next Wednesday.

After lots of changing, delaying, updating the feature and pieces after Onimusha, it’s finally at a place that I’m happy with now.

More details for Volume 1 will be spoken of soon.