Final Zone – Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

A final boss that was with you from the beginning of the game to the end.

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From becoming a spin off from Resident Evil 2, to a full sequel, you found yourself in the role of Jill Valentine, a character from the original. She has found herself in Racoon City, but uniquely set before and after the events of Resident Evil 2 as the story progressed.
Only fifteen minutes into playing the game, you come across a location from Resident Evil 2, then your first encounter with Nemesis occurs.
You first come across it outside Racoon Police Department, where you have a choice.

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Nemesis is reminiscent of The Terminator; always around, always on the hunt for you, and won’t stop until you’re dead. He won’t always appear when there’s a choice to choose from, there’s locations where it appears at random. You are given notice sometimes with a roar or if the music is completely silent that it’s about to appear. It never fails to surprise me when you’re in the middle of wondering where to go next, or what this item you’ve just picked up is meant to go, then suddenly he appears and kills you after three throws.
When you choose to face him, make sure that there’s a lot of ammo at your disposal, otherwise you’re only going to be left with your trusty knife, followed by a dodge and a run to the nearest save room.

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Curiosity usually gets the better of me, and I face it. If you play it on Hard mode and you manage to wound Nemesis, you can collect pieces of a gun that can change your handgun into a powerful Desert Eagle.

Across the game Nemesis appears in three forms. The first two has the monster similar to a human in a shell suit, with the face reminiscent of the ‘lickers’ from the previous game. Sometimes he carries a Rocket Launcher that can bring about the ‘You’ve Died’ screen after three hits. While its final form is a very large, slug-like monster, with spikes on its back. Any contact can result in an instant death for Jill.

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The final encounter occurs once you’ve been able to power up a machine that can fire electrical bolts. It builds up energy after ten seconds, during which you need to be able to lure Nemesis into a position in the room that will result in a direct hit from the machine. There’ll be many a time where you’ll find the monster speed up, catch you, and impale you, having to load the game once again and time it right.

But at last, the machine fires, and gives the penultimate hit to Nemesis, with the final one by Jill.

It’s a favourite boss of mine, one of where you’re paranoid if it’s going to appear at a point where you’ve got no ammo, and your health is on ‘Danger’. The multiple choice at times was innovative, especially in 1999, as it gave the player the choice of what they wanted to do. If you didn’t do it in time, you’d usually be facing Nemesis, with no way out.

With Resident Evil 2 Remake coming in the next couple of years, a cameo of Nemesis would be a fun appearance to see. With the graphics capabilities of Uncharted 4, seeing Nemesis in 2017 with that amount of detail would be a great addition.

It’s available from the Playstation Store on the PS3 and PS Vita, alongside Dreamcast, Playstation 1, and PC.

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