Final Zone – Super Mario Land 2.

In every form of medium, everyone has a nemesis.
Superman – Lex Luthor.
Batman – The Joker.
Spider-Man – Venom.
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With Mario, there was only Bowser in the NES games, but when it came to his Game Boy series, another appeared, spawning a whole other franchise.

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After collecting all of the six coins from beating each boss in their ‘Land’, you can finally go to the castle that has been looming over the map throughout.

With these six coins, the stone door to the castle opens, which brings you to a stage of dodging fireballs, platforms, and lava that’s abound from start to finish. It’s a different stage than the rest, mainly because you can’t stop dodging all of the obstacles that are trying to harm you.

At last, after many attempts, you reach Wario, sitting in a throne. He looks slightly dissimilar to how he does from Warioland and his subsequent appearances, mainly due to the fact he looks much bigger than usual.

The first fight his him running from left to right, then slamming the ground, freezing you completely. If it’s timed right, the light from above breaks and can hit you. As long as there’s a few quick jumps, this part can be easily done.

The next two parts are power-ups.

First one is the ‘rabbit’, where he will glide above, and will try to harm you by landing on top of you, while also making the light come crashing down once again.

The second one is the fire flower. The hardest out of the three parts, where his speed is doubled, and he will repeatedly unleash the fireballs. As long as Wario receives the timed jumps on the head, he’s defeated after a couple of attempts.

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At last, the power-up wears off. Wario is weakened to a small child, and the castle transforms back into Mario’s familiar castle.

Unlike Warioland, there’s only one ending, as there’s no special items to collect. Your game save always brings you back to the beginning of the castle, so you can gladly reply the stage and Wario as much as you like.

The game is very unique, in the fact that it’s one of the very few where its boss marked the start of his own series that was also a sequel to this entry. Instead of rescuing a princess, he was rescuing his treasure in Warioland: Super Mario Land 3, and only his treasure.

It’s a game full of replay-ability, and even though you can press ‘select‘ to enable easy mode on the save select screen, the final stage and boss is still a challenge. Which, especially in this day and age, makes the game all the more fun to come back to after twenty years.

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